USA Unicycling Level Award Patches

Extra level award patches and certification cards available.

One Level 1 patch
Five Level 2 patches
Five Level 3 patches
Eight Level 4 patches
Five Rider Level certification cards
One Level 1 certification card
Two Level 2 certificaion cards
Two Level 3 certificaion cards
Four Level 4 certificaion cards

Free with $2.00 to cover shipping.


I’m interested in these patches and cards. Let me know how to contact you. I tried to send a personal message to you, but I don’t know if it worked. I’m pretty inexperienced at using the computer and e-mailing and stuff. Thanks.


Got your message and sent an email from work today. Let me know if it doesn’t get through to you.


I received your message. Look for an e-mail at work from me. Thank you.


its look like a army!