USA: I want a UDC Nimbus 36" frame powdercoated any color but Blue

USA: I want a UDC Nimbus 36" frame powdercoated any color but Blue

Considering those just came out, I doubt many people are going to be getting rid of any.

If you have an old batch airfoil rim maybe you should just give up looking for the frame and sell me your wheelset :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered checking with UDC / UDC UK? They might be able to set you up with a different color on request (if you time the restocking time right) or at least get you setup with an unfinished frame you can have powdercoated once you get it.


looks like a 29" frame though :frowning:

you can ask for any frame to be powdercoated any colour, although soem can cost more. So basically just send them an email…

That’s pretty useless info. Of course you can get it powder coated different colors. Anybody with half-wits would agree with that.

Like somebody said earlier, it has just come on the market and so finding one is quite slim.

wow chill buddy, i was only mentioning the picture that spoonbender showed that can powdercoat stuff for you.

And its not useless, sicne its pretty unlikely hes gonna find an N36 frame, he might as well look into butyign one and powdercoating it.

True. UDC can do it, but they actually recommended I have it shipped to someplace else who does it, cuz they said their guy charges alot more than shops that do a lot of it.

But asking for an unfinished one when available sounds like a good idea!

And that does look like a 29". And he stopped PMg me, so I think he discovered it too.

Just got a message from UDC saying they’ll now do it (another powdercoat color) for $65.00.

Or talk to darren. He seems to be powdercoating stuff all sorts of colors nowadays.

i dont think he sells nimbus frames though…

I’m not sure if i can fit that frame in my oven, but if you get it I’ll powdercoat it for you for $25.

Cool! I’m glad I posted this. Great resource!