USA - 28/29 (or high crown 26) frame

I am looking for a frame for a 700c road wheel that I’ve just finished. I posted a while back that I was looking for a 29" ISIS frame but I left that hub where it was and I’ve gone with a cotterless hub instead.

So I’m now looking for a frame with 40mm (or 42mm) brackets, 100mm spacing, that is tall enough for a 28.5" wheel and at least 2" wide at the crown

I’ve got the wheel temporarily mounted in a 26" Nimbus Muni frame, which has 14 5/16" vertical clearance. (Measured with the frame standing on a table, from the table top to the bottom of the seat tube.) The tire just fits so this is the minimum vertical clearance that I would need.

I’m looking for a road frame or an older, narrower, muni frame. If you have anything that might be suitable let me know.



I’ve got an old Coker frame that is painted black. If you’re interested in that, send me a PM and I’ll send you some pictures.