url for KH videos?

I am looking for those videos that show the KH workshops that he put on while in Toronto at the Nationals a few years ago. Does anyone know the url for them?

Thanks, loads.

Right HERE.

Do you know where I can find more of the cool drawings like those on your web site?


they’re on kazaA

Hey thanks for locating that for me. Just one other question, when I try to play the files, I get sound but then some sort of visual that shows a funky kind of ‘water’ design. What gives with that? So I need some program other than Windows Media to play the video part of the file?


You need to install DivX
Get the free version - the one without the adware.

Ok, got it John, thanks for your help.

I got a new computer this week and still don’t have all the usual downloads on it … and haven’t added my old data from the former computer ,so I was just trying to tweak up the ‘important’ stuff right away.

Looking good… got to love that processing speed (1.7 Ghz) and the new high speed connection instead of dial up…ahhhh:D