Urgent uk only: Buc 2008

sorry about this thread it is just a one off, but I need to find a person I met at the BUC 2008, This isn’t too helpful since I don’t know his name, but he had a Qu-ax 36" unicycle, long black hair in a ponytail… and a flourecent green jacket… If anyone does know this person please forward my email to them; samwii_life@hotmail.co.uk.


anyway, I may as well ask some of you guys while im at it, I have a qu-ax 36, but I have no idea how the V-Brake works. one side is blatently obvious how it works, but the other does not appear to have any way in which the cable attaches? If someone could take photos of how it is attached that would be greatly appreciated.


I think its rob, but he’s about to reply

Sounds like it was probably me - were you the one who rode my 36er outside the trials area?

If so, mine did start off as a QuAx (they old style ones that were a copy of the original Coker), but there’s not much left now apart from the frame - my wheel is a Stealth Pro rim on a Nimbus ISIS hub.

My brake is a BMX calliper type that just bolts through the crown. A V-brake needs mounting posts on the frame forks - but presumably you’ve got those on the new QuAx frame? If your query is just about V-brakes in general (if you haven’t seen one on a bike), the cable should go through a “noodle” (curved metal tube) on one side, which fits into a hinged metal U-shaped bit on one of the brake arms, then clamps to the other brake arm under a screw.

Hope that helps.



…not THAT urgent then, eh?

LOL. Maybe you’re not the right long haired qu-ax riding fluro-jacket wearing unicyclist. He must have been talking about the other one :slight_smile: