URGENT - Rider needed for Mountain Mayhem 24hr race (UK)

Unfortunately yesterday we lost one of our riders due to injury. Today we loose another due to work commitments.

The bottom line is that we are now one rider short and are looking for someone to make up the numbers. At the moment we have 2 teams of 4 and one team of 3.

If you’re interested in riding then it’s the weekend of the 22-24 June. You’ll be in a team of 4 and the race is done as a relay. You ride your 10 mile lap and hand over to the next rider to do the same. You just keep this going for 24hrs - simple eh! As long as each member of a team completes at least 2 laps for the times to count. It’s xc terrain and not a technical course. You may end up riding a night lap, but if you don’t want to then we can shuffle the order around a little to suit.

People ride either a Coker, or 29ers, with the odd 26" muni thrown in. It’s a great weekend and with great company.

It is unfortunately quite physically demanding though. If you’re interested in riding the largest 24hr endurance race in Europe then please PM me. If you could also give me some idea of your fitness levels and the sort of riding you do, this would help me.

Here’s a link to the original thread.

Steve :frowning:

In case you didn’t get my email. I’m up for it.

I’m afraid I can’t make it, not even to heckle. :frowning:

Nice one Alan :slight_smile:

Team C lives again!


BTW Steve, do you know if they’d let us ride with three people if it came to that on the day? Presumably our time wouldn’t count because the rules specify teams of 1, 2, 4 or 5 mixed (why no 3?), but they’d be pretty mean not to let us race at all. I would have thought being one person short is hardy “cheating” - it’s got to be a disadvantage, right?
It seems silly to have to cut the team down to two, which is presumably what we’d have to do “officially” if we ended up with three.

Bike teams who are short of members can find them at the event. In fact, Yoggi joined some bikes one year. Think we could find a two-wheeler who’d want to play with us? Better for them than not riding…


Thanks for that Al. I did get your email and was just about to reply to it. I had tried your mobile but it was turned off. OK then Al, you’re in. You’ve got 2 1/2 weeks, so you’ve got time to do some training at least :smiley: .

Daniel (Lowlight): Thanks for getting back to me. You sound like the kind of guy that’d be well suited to Mountain mayhem. Alan has done Mountain Mayhem before and knows what he’s getting himself into (don’t you Al?), so I’ve given him the place - Sorry. If you don’t mind still being on standby just in case someone else drops out at the last minute, then that would really help - thanks. If you would like to come along for the weekend, then you’re more than welcome - plus you could ride the course on the Friday if you want to as well.

Rob: Unlike ‘Sleepless’ there isn’t teams of two. Just solo, fours and fives. This is the 10th year of Mountain mayhem and they’re celebrating by letting in teams of 10… - don’t even go there Rob!! If we only had a team of three, then there’s nothing to stop those riders taking part. The first year I did it one of my team had a problem with the transmitter strapped to his ankle and the timing clock didn’t pick him up as he went through he start/finish gate. Anyway, are you OK if I move you up to the ‘B’ team to take Joe’s place?

‘A’ Team (Unicycle.com - No Gears)
Steve Colligan
Sam Wakeling
Phil Himsworth
Tue Johansen

‘B’ Team (Unicycle.com - No Handlebars)
Mark Wiggins
Paul Royle
Des Devlin (sporting an injury)
Rob Northcott

‘C’ Team (Unicycle.com - No Brakes)
Chris Dobbie
Ian Stockwell
Beth Tichborne
Alan Chambers

See you all soon,
Steve :smiley:

I would love to ride this but I don’t have anything like the fitness (or an appropriate unicycle). I will probably, like last year (although that was only by the most bizarre conincidence) turn up at some point to see how you guys are doing.

where is it


That is quite alright. Tbh 2 weeks to practice riding a bigger wheel and put in some serious hill climbing practice was maybe a bit optimistic.

Yeh thats fine. Dont expect the quickest of subs though:D

Might take you up on that one.

If there are any more events happening this year where more people are needed then keep me in mind. With a bit more training time i’d prob do alright



Eek, promotion! I’m OK with that as long as the rest of the B team are happy (mainly Des ;)).