Urgent Call To Members

Sorry to bombard you with a thread like this but I’m in a real pinch and could REALLY use a hand from some of the forums members.

I’m working on building a portfolio website for my college web design course. I’ve chosen Unicycling as my subject matter due to its unique qualities but have come up short in video content and the deadline is tomorrow.

thus I need the following footage if at all possible:
clips of beginners learning to ride.
clips of people who can ride effeciently and maybe curb hop.
expert unicyclist with a wide array of tricks.


If you supply me with footage it will never be posted on the internet or used for personal gain, I’ll simply be using it to add to a mock up website.

This being said I need permission from the owner of the video to use it, due to the confines of the project.

Please please please, any and all help will be much apreciated. Please host the video somewhere where I can DOWNLOAD it, youtube videos are no good to me.

OR if you have existing videos on the forums and don’t mind me using them, then please let me know. A link would also be apreciated.

Lastly, I’m sorry if this is somewhat off topic but I needed the members of the forum to see this thread in hopes that I would get more response in my short time frame.

Thank you all for your support and consideration.


I can get you a video tomorrow of some mediocre trials.

Thanks that would be much apreciated.

I’d also like to note that all I need from members is permission to use their works. if you can’t be bothered to dig up footage but already have it posted somewhere, and don’t mind me using it, just give me your name or user name and I can go about finding it. Thanks again.

so youtube doesnt work for you because i had alot of beginner type stuff and curb hopping on some that my friends did

Not as far as I can tell… unless there is some way to download the content from youtube that I’m not aware of. If I just wanted to post it in a blog or something I would be fine to link it from youtube. But since I’m developing a stand alone site in Flash for a project, I need to be able to run the video directly from a file.

Anyways, I know some people have posted videos on this forum that are downloadable. So rather then just take them, I thought I’d ask. Otherwise it’s copyright infringement. But not to worry. I promise I won’t leech off of anyones site and steal their bandwidth. The files will be hosted on my own until the project is marked.

Downloading video from YouTube.

Hey, I just thought I would let you know about a way to download video from YouTube. You can obtain a plug-in for Firefox called VideoDownloader here:


When you download a video from YouTube with this plugin, you will need to save the file as (whatever you want it to be called).flv instead of whatever extension it has originally. This file can be played with VLC media player, which can be found here:

Also, if you need the video in a format other than .flv, you can convert it with a free video converter such as SUPER, which can be downloaded here:


I don’t personally have any footage, or I would let you use it. Good luck with the project, I hope this information helps.

well if you wanan download some of my vids type tunkie1993 in the search thing on youtube

Thanks for those pointers Muttin. Great stuff. Glad you passed it along.

And thanks Tunkie for being cool about me using some of your footage.

All I really need now is some very, very basic beginners level stuff. IE - learning to ride from the edge of a curb. You know what I’m talking about. The stuff that everyone does when they’re first learning.

Has anyone got any video like that kicking around?

You could prob ably find one on youtube

Oh yeah. I probably could find one on youtube. My issue with that though is that it’s copyright infringement without the express permission of the individual who owns the video footage. This project is for a college level course. So the professors don’t allow the students to break copyright laws.

ill look through some of my vids and see if i have a beginner one

Cool! Thanks for your time. It’s very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

when are the beginner videos needed

Well… pretty soon I should say. Like within the next day or two.

oh well then i think i could get you some good beginner videos because tommorow we have uni club at school and alot of people are still learning. Still keep looking though, my cameras with my dad so id need to get my friends.

Cool. Thanks for all of your help