urge to slam foot on tire while gliding

okay before everyone flames this thread… Yes i have searched for this in the search bar and can’t find people with the same problem… Yes i can 1 ft ww. Okay well i have been trying to learn gliding and i cant seem to go from the transition from 1 ft riding to gliding i slam the foot on the tire. Were do i put most of my weight seat or foot on frame and does learning to coast help with gliding…

yes i do know there is too many gliding tuts on here but i think this is a different problem

I’m not sure what you mean by slamming your foot on the tire, but I put most of my weight on the seat when I glide, and some of it I guess goes on the foot on the tire. Coasting and gliding are pretty much unrelated; I can glide pretty well but I can’t coast even though I’ve put about 30 hours into practicing it. Maybe make a video so we know what your problem is. And, of course, it helps to be doing this down a fairly steep hill when you learn.

I put almost all my weight on the seat.Maybe can help you,to understand the passage from 1foot riding to gliding, have a perfect 1foot riding -into- 1footww.
when you’ve got that easy,just think you’re passing to a 1footww for the weight.

Or,well,i’ve learned like this.

I do the same thing. I’ve been trying to glide for weeks now.

Your urge to slam your foot down is caused by a fear of falling backwards. When you start to go back your body must panic and drasticly try to correct your balance. You need to practise lightly adjusting your balance when gliding.

Also, it is best to learn gliding on a quite a steep slope. I learnt to “extended 1 ft ww” on a slight slope and then tried to learn to glide. I spent a long time trying to glide on this slope but eventually tried a steeper slope. Within the space of a few hours practise on steeper slopes my PB has increased from 22 big paces to 75.

okay welli tried a steeper slope i live on one:p but i still slam foot maybe i should do the olde 1ft ww push and slip thingy and need to practise more BUT IT SNOWED :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: grrrrrrrrrrr got next spring i guess…:frowning:

I can glide on flat ground, but not down slopes. If i’m one foot wheel walking, I can give a good push and slide for a while, but when i get to the hill i slam my foot down on the tire. I must be scared or something. :angry:


I put alot of pressure on the frame

i thought u put all the weight on seat

I have this same problem except for 2 foot on frame coasting, I always slam my foot on the tire.

For gliding I learned (I’m still kinda stechy at gliding though) by giving a hard push while 1 f wwing and then lifting the pressure on my foot. Kinda hard to explain.