Upper right hand corner

In the upper right hand corner of almost every if not every page of RSU there is a “donate” button. This takes you to a page where you can donate to unicyclist.com. Every once in a while it’s nice to remember to help Gilby finance this enterprise from which we benefit so much and do so little work. This is a nice little forum environment where we can exchange technical unicycling information, post items for sale, review tutorials, or just get silly in just conversation. Let’s keep it alive and fun.

Thanks for all of your past support.

I bought my DX from a link on this site, I feel I contributed well :slight_smile:

…it says 15,833 members on this site…even if we were to donate just a dollar each > why don’t we ?

I donated today. How about you?

thats a idea for a few years time


Thanks for the reminder!

Somehow I’ve managed to ignore that button, Until today.

Ba-dump-bump ching

Thanks for the reminder. I hadn’t seen it. Donated.