Uphill anyone?

dose anyone have a secret to going uphill on a 20" unicycle?

how steep is the slope? I would say either spin as past as you can and try to maintain the speed or if it is really steep and/or uneven peck (jump sideways) your way up.

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longer cranks

Go from side to side, apart from that dont lean too far forward and go for it!

my biggest problem is that my feet slip off the pedals. im more or less a beginner and riding a little off road but if i get any water or mud on my shoes i cant keep my feet on the pedals.

any suggestions on pedals or shoes that i should try?

right now i have plastic pedals i took off of my old mountain bike but i also have a pair of aluminum pedals i could put on, im only hesitant because i shreaded my shin with them on my mountain bike.

If you are scarred for your shins than Odesy twisted plastic pedals are probably the best plastic pedals you can get, and they are cheep. But metal pedals with pins will almost always me more grippy, especially in muddy, wet conditions.

I now use pinned pedals on my unicycles but wear 661 leg armor to protect my legs when doing harder rides where I am more likely to get a pedal in the shin and it is good to have the protection for when you fall anyway.

either go back and forth or just lean forward and go for it…a bigger wheel and bigger cranks will help also

My advice is hold the seat and get up off it so you can put loads of weight on the pedals. If your feet are slipping of the pedals you just gotta push on the pedals in a different direction so they can’t slip, if that makes sense?

Also long cranks make it easier and a grippy tyre will stop the wheel spinning.