Upgrades, or replacements?

So my friend gave me a Norco Twenty with no rim, tire, or spokes last Friday.

Saturday morning I tore apart my bike rim to put on the uni.

By Saturday night I could ride it.

This Uni has a very bent axel/hub and crank arms that have stripped pedal threads… I took it to school and bent the arms much straighter on Monday.

Thursday I learned how to mount the Uni without holding onto something, and also learned how to stop and hop around and almost do a 180 spin.

So Thursday we went back to my friends place, and we put his Norco M-Uni wheel on my Twenty frame… it fits… has about 1mm clearance on the tire.

So I’m either going to order a replacement axel/hub and crank arms and some pedals, or I’m going to tack on a Kris Holm Freeride rim, some black spokes to go with it, and a Maxxis Creepy Crawler.

I would like to get into trials, so I think the fat tire would help a lot in that case.

My real question is… should I get the rim, spokes, and tire too?

Is the M-Uni stock tire wider than the Maxxis Creepy Crawler? If the Creepy Crawler is wider, I would have no problem fabricating my own Uni frame in my grade 12 Manufacturing class if need be. Or making my own spacers for the bearings so the tire doesn’t come up into the frame as far, the rounded crown was the main clearance issue.

I’ll be ordering from Unicycle.com.

Getting the following parts.

Now my friends M-Uni has the same Axel/Hub, crank arms, as my Twenty, but he’s more experienced and hasn’t broken the new ones. Mine are bent from him learning on it, and he’s much rougher on his gear than I am, he also weighs more than me.

What I learned in 5 days took him just over a month, so should I be going with a new rim and tire? My current rim is a Femco Aluminum single wall from a Powerlite P-17 Bicycle… included in the package are flat spots from jumping off of a 4 foot ledge, the seam on the rim is also breaking apart… it’s a pretty sweet rim if you know what I mean, haha.

If you want to get into trials, you will eventully need a splined hub/crankset. For now, that uni looks good. Just make sure that everything fits into your frame.

I play on getting this later on… for now though, I don’t need something that advanced.

And if anyone is wondering, yes, I can build a wheel, being only 17, I can still do it. I find it is quite easy.

I would get the setup you have listed there and then wait for the new KH hub and cranks to come out (KH Moment). Then you can break your cotterless and get them!

Link to this new hub?



Expensive indeed… I’d rather order from North America, and hopefully if anyone knows a Canadian store.

The best place in Canada is Bedford Unicycles in Toronto. They are supposed to be getting the new KH stuff this week. go to http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca

I E-Mailed them on Friday, asking if they have a storefront?

If I can go to Toronto and pick up some stuff I would much rather do that, as Toronto is only an hour away.

Another option is giving Division8 a call, they carry Koxx-one parts. I currently have a Norco M-uni, that is upgraded wtih Koxx-one parts. I love it.

That seems like an idea, but nobody told me if Bedford has a storefront yet… and nobody has suggested other parts… I am on a budget though, around $200 CAD.

if you call or email darren, you can set up a time to go to his shop. there’s no point in having a real storefront cause not that many people unicycle.

if you want a splined hub and cranks is going to cost about 180 for the hub and crank set then another 20-40 bucks to have them installed into the rim.

I can build a wheel.

And I don’t really need a splined hub and crank arms yet, I’m still learning.

So does everyone think the parts I selected will hold up well? I like that Unicycle.com hub, with the extra distance between the flanges.