Upgraded SemXL from UnicycleSource

I got a new Semcycle XL from UnicycleSource and wanted to sing it’s praises a
bit. Most of my friends don’t ride, so I don’t really have anyone to discuss it
with locally… <grin>

I expected a standard 20 in Semcycle XL when I ordered this, and when it
arrived, I discovered that I’d received much more. It included a Semcycle Deluxe
saddle, which apparently is standard on the XL now, that was a nice plus. I
belived the standard Sem XL comes with a 28 spoke wheel, but John had upgraded
this one to include a 36 spoke hub and a very sturdy looking double wall rim
from Sun! Not only that, but he upgraded the tire to an Odyssy Bermuda. All this
at no extra charge!

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my purchase. An exceptional deal for a
great unicycle.

I’ve been riding a LOT the last week since I got it. I love the 20" wheel. This
is the first one I’ve ridden. I learned on a 24". I tried riding my old 24 in
(which my friend owns now) a couple of days ago and it felt so huge and sluggish
in comparison. Anyway, I mainly just wanted to rattle on a bit about my new
unicycle and give a little praise to John Drummond and UnicycleSource. This is
the second unicycle I’ve bought from them and both deals have been exceptionally
pleasant. Highly recommended! www.unicyclesource.com