Upgraded my 70's Schwinn to Cotterless, and the new cranks are really awkward.

After bending the cranks damaging the hub and having a leak in my inner tube on my old Schwinn, I decided to go with Uni.com’s upgrade to cotterless for the old Schwinn’s. (New cranks, hub, wheel, tire & tube.) It was cheap enough that I could do it while saving up for a nice new uni.
Anyway, it all fit together very easily, but the only weird thing is that the new cranks are angled out so that they’re farther from the wheel–the old cottered cranks were straight so that they kept my feet closer to the wheel. Is there any advantage to the wider foot spacing? It seems like it’s more likely now that I’ll hit my pedals on stuff.

Its just a matter of what cranks you buy. Sounds like you got some with a big Q factor - they angle out from the hub to the pedal. Most unicycle cranks have very little Q, The exceptions being in Muni mainly where more bike cranks are used.
If you really hate them try and find some less Q’ed ones to try. What size are the ones you don’t like? 150s? 125s?


Less than 10 minutes after posting this, I fell down some steps on my uni and badly twisted my ankle, which swelled up to the size of my knee. Now the swelling has gone down, but half of my foot has turned purple, my shoes and socks still don’t fit, and I’m walking on crutches.

It seems I was right about the cranks being a bit awkward!

The ones I have are 5.5"

Thanks for the explaination about Q. :slight_smile: