upgrade or start again?

ok, my unis broken and i was wondering wether to start again and buy a new 24’'muni or to buy a new frame, wheel and tyre.

I was thinkig of getting a qu ax if i get a new uni or i can upgrade my current uni with a KH frame and KH/onza hub and a halo sas rim.

so, what do u think?


What is wrong with it?

If those parts are dead I would highly recommend getting the upgrades though because they really exceed the qu ax.

its just a really cheapy one from ebay. the pedals are dead ,the hubs dead and i think the wheel’s going wonky. Theres nothing particularly wrong with the frame although i want to upgrade it to a 24’’.


im not sure those things will fit the kh stuf but i dont know

Go for the frame/wheel idea. If you buy all KH components of course they’ll fit.

You may need to get a new seat post for your new frame depending on the size that yours is, so make sure to check that. Nothing sucks more than getting new pwnage parts and not being able to use them.