UPDs from a Coker

Noel.Holland.3kqqg@timelimit.unicyclist.com writes:
>Maxfield D wrote:
>> *>Looks like a[color=darkred]
>> >UPD to the front meens that you ride the wheel into the ground.
>> Actually, the handlebars are mounted behind the seat for that very
>> reason.
Well, I don’t know about handlebars (Noel didn’t include the link to the
picture, if there was one), but i know that it’s no problem to have a UPD
from my Coker, extention and all. As soon as I sense that I am getting
off, my feet spread a bit, I grab the BACK of the seat, and I dismount
gracefully, even tho it wasn’t planned. My speedometer is located on the
front arm of the extention (for no particular, since I can’t safely read
it while in motion).


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Looks like you’ve got a crossed thread here David. The extract you show is from the thread “coast to coast ride” and relates to an answer that David Maxfield wrote to a comment by Chris Rhysling. Try reading the thread via the Unicyclist.com site to see the photo we’re talking about.

Ya, Noel speaks truely. Somewhere further down that thread, you will see me cowering when it is observed that the handlebars are actualy mounted to the back. This raised some interesting questions about mounting, as aposed to dismounting.

Speeking of dismounting, I don’t think I’v ever UPD’ed to the back of a Coker- how 'bout you, David? I imagine it would be worse, aside from not having to worry about being hit by the wheel- although you might be less inclined to fall ON the wheel… hummm…