(UPDATE: FOUND)Wanted To Buy: Specialized Big Roller 24x2.8

Does anyone have an unused Specialized Big Roller 24x2.8 they would like to sell? I recently installed it on a 65mm wide Large Marge rim, and love it. The only thing about the tire is that it is not very aggressive. It has a lot of knobbies, but they aren’t very long. I’m afraid I may wear the tire out prematurely, given it may end up being my new parade wheel and my go-to Muni wheel/tire.

I just completed a parade with it today @ 20psi, and the thing allowed me to turn incredibly small circles, with almost zero camber sensitivity. Completely different than if I had tried to ride the parade at “Muni pressure”.

I realize that I may not be making anyone dislike the tire if you own one, but if you know you won’t be using it, I’ll give it a good home.


There in stock here - Specialized Big Roller 24 Inch Tyre 24 X 2.8 Inch  - £21.38 | Tyres - Kids bike size | Cyclestore

It’s a UK site so not sure if they ship to the US or if cost effective, but if you’re finding it hard to locate stock in the US this might still work.

If they don’t ship to you - I can always buy and ship myself to you.


This is what’s great about the unicycle community - although it’ll probably be cheaper if you only ship the tyre :wink:


Thank you, @mindbalance !

I found them at the link you provided, and directly through Specialized UK, shipped for free, but not shipped to me.

It is interesting that I can buy them and ship them to your address for free, but my address is not even an option.

If I can not find one or two tires here in the US, I will definitely take you up on your offer.

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Quick Update:

Before finalizing a plan with @mindbalance to ship the tire(s) to me in Texas, from him in the UK, I decided to give it another try, and keep scrolling until I just couldn’t find any mention of the tire.

After scrolling and clicking, and coming up short many times, I found a cycle shop in Boise, Idaho, USA that listed the tire as in-stock and ready to ship.

I placed an order, and am hoping to receive a confirmation of shipment this week.

If anyone else is looking for this tire, a link is here:



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