Unusally little "traffic" in RSU!

I think one of the few things that keeps me coming back is my subscribed threads list, and Most replys. The forums are boring now, it seems to happen every winter though, the weather gets bad and people are less inclined to unicycle which means that we all spend hours wasting our time here and ever new thread seems like a repeat of another thread, boring forums come with over exposure I guess.

Well the weather won’t stop me! I’m still riding every day and even making another viddy this weekend! (over 100 now with google vids included!) The reason is simple; I’m literally a MUni Addict! :sunglasses: Plus all the intense riding helps me channel my excess energy. The first three letters of the second part of my username gives you a hint as to why I’m so restless.:slight_smile:

the weather makes me lazy. The lazy stops me. and the snow. rain is nothing, unless I want to ride trials.

Whatzit that Tom says?

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

Do you seriously have ADD?

Maybe it’s the fact that I wear shorts all year long then.

I hasn’t rided for a long time cuz for once we actually have enough snow to make muniing immpppposillelelele. soooooooooo… yea. And I generally stay out of RSU because all the threads are the same… same with JC. So I stay in MR.

the forums have been messing up for me recently.
maybe that has something to do with it.


thats a better way of saying it. I agree that the winter, or just plain bad winter may be this cause…and harper, i dont mean JC as much as RSU b/c i hardly ever visit JC anyway…it just seems even worse lately

Actually ADHD. Yes, all my life. I take Adderall and it helps me focus.:slight_smile:

You live in L.A. right terry so your getting pretty good weather though aren’t you?

Yeah lately it’s been really beautiful for riding both MUni and cokering at the beach! A tad cold but clear and good air quality. Plus I warm up pretty much as I ride so I like it better than riding in the summer heat!:stuck_out_tongue:

A tad cold? it’s burning over there

Haha yeah probably compared to the east coast and other areas.:smiley: