Unusally little "traffic" in RSU!

Things here have seemed strangely quiet on the forums for a day or so, so I’ve been checking to see how many ppl are viewing forums, and it’s usually well over 125 for RSU at any given time, but all day to day it’s been hovering only at around 20! Same with JC. :thinking:

My best guess is it’s because the majority “core” of those who regulary post to the forums, namely RSU and JC are at NAUCC? I’ve never seen the forums (or “fora” as some refer to it) so slow for so long, unless the sight was having problems, which I can’t detect.


Seriously I have noticed it also.

Naucc for sure.

I’m sad… there isn’t very much going on here these past few weeks but it gives me more time to do other stuff instead, like learn to wheel walk or ride 1-footed

Yeah, the forums are slow. And it’s too hot outside to ride.

So, I started to learn how to MC. I’m doing well so far, I think.

I hardly notice. =p

Ill log in in the morning for little, then im usually busy for the rest of the day, so about 8-12 hours go by before I check the forums again, and so when I am back at night, there is plenty of threads and posts to sift through.


We’re at NAUCC.

The laptop’s in my hotel room, and I’m checking my email. You guys are missing out…

What? You want a report? Sorry, got to head out the door to hook up with other Muni-ers to ride the Potawatomi Trail. Supposed to be 14 miles of Michigan gnarliness.


yeah… it seems like i post… come back later to check it… and i still have the last post

it feels this way again…i am not sure…but this time it almost seems as though i am not even interested in what is going on in the fora…

RSU seems to be a big coker and muni discussion latley

and JC is going down the pipes with endless pointless “contests” and games


any one else notice this lately?

**could this be an effect of all the bad weather on most trial forum users who have had nothing really happen and have anything to post about? **

I like trials.

I’ve noticed that the forums are pretty boring lately. Not really slower, just nothing very interesting…

Same, i gotta say i dont even visit JC anymore unless i am totally killing myself with boredom.
Nothing interesting much is happening at the mo:(

It’s winter. People are hibernating.


I’ve felt the same way and I keep telling myself I’m going to reduce my time here to two or three visits a day, but I still manage to waste hours.

I’ve been doing my bit.

I know what you mean, i’m just so relaxed right now cause i have some unicycles to sell and research/leech on new tricks to learn from my friends.


Likewise for me, but i feel like the world out there wants me to unicycle more then come on the forums.

We’ve had snow up in the Reno area for what seems like 2 weeks straight…

I haven’t ridden in almost a month… :frowning:

The forums have seemed somewhat repetitive… I can often scan down the titles and find nothing on the page I want to read…

That all together means that this is my first time here in over a week… It will change tho… I’ll get a good ride or two in and get all jazzed again…


I don’t understand. Why don’t you whiners put up something new and exciting? How about a religion or gun debate thread? How about a new posting contest? Or, why not ask what kind of unicycle you should buy? Why do you people make things so boring for everybody? We have earned the right to be entertained.

I think there comes a time when people get tired of talking about the same things over and over again, like new unicycles. So being bored of forums in my opinion just comes with visiting them a lot :roll_eyes: .