Unsure which Uni to buy (options listed)

here are my options, opinions welcome.
Oh and I mostly intend on using at as a learning Uni with maybe a few jumps thrown in, nothing too insanely hardcore but I’d like to be able to do some small drops with it ( 1-3 feet etc )

  1. Brand new Norco Uni in either 20" or 24" both $140.00 new from a local retailer

  2. Used Norco (less then a year old) 20" with a bedford seat and custom paint job (If I’m not mistaken) from a fellow board member. $100-$125 (undecided)

  3. keep surfing online untill I find a cheap Torker LX or something, but this will most likely be more expensive once shipped because of duty etc.

Thougts? Comments? Are the Norco a solid started Uni or should I be looking for something else?

Thanks guys.


ok, first what kind of norco is the norco? does it have a wide tire or a small tire? does it have lollypop bearing holders (they look kind of like lollypops and they have no bolts on the bottom of them) or normal ones (bolts on bottom). Bearing holders are what hold the frame to the hub, by the way. Same questions go for the used one except there are some new issues. Is it rusted alot? Is there any serious damage? Next, what do you want to do? If it is the trials Norco that I think it is, it would be good for starting trials after you learn to ride. I dont really recomend ordering it if you are just going to be looking for a Torker LX.

Good luck in choosing. Remeber that unicycles are not too complicated and can be upgraded!

I dont have any info on the new Norco’s because my retailer had none in stock at the moment, however the used Norco has a 2.1 tire (upgraded from a 1.75 I believe) and I think I’d want to try and get into trials a little, that seems like where the fun is. From what I know the used Norco is in good shape and has been taken care of, is it looking like the best candidate?

I would go with the norco from your local bike shop. They have a great seat that is totaly worth the extra money and its good to get something from in Canada.

Also ask the bike shop if they can get ahold of any norco muni’s, they are a trials uni but norco calls them a muni. They cost a fair amount more but are way worth it.

The Used Norco is also local, so no shipping or duty costs there. and it’s got a bedford seat, is that much of an improvement from the standard seat?

Ok, i think this is the same norco that ntappin had. Until it got the new tire, hub, cranks, seat :P. Its a good starter uni no doubt. For the price it is probably the best you can get in canada. Also, if you get into more serious trials, you could always put a splined hub on (or have an LBS do it for you). Unless you want to save a few bucks and get that older one, go for the new norco. If the old one is like my old one, it sucks. But if the new norco is like ntappin’s, its decent.

Bedford seats are decent for learning from what I hear. Confortable enough. I think that both seats are probably just about equal for learning.

It’s actually Trials_uni’s old uni, so you can see the model and pics he has of it inhis member section that might clairify what model/year/condition it’s in.

blow the extra $40 and get the new norco. If it is what I think it is, its worth it. Do you know what kind of tire is on the new norco?

unfortunetly I dont. the guy at my LBS said to check their site, but when I did I found nothing about Uni’s only standard bike info, I’m gonna do some more digging yet though. Oh and he also said they had a more “Heavy Duty” model for $160.00 no idea what “Heavy Duty” entails, thoughts?

Look at the bottom of this page: http://www.sportwheels.ca/mountainbikestore/mountainbikestore.html

The heavy duty and the non-heavy duty are there. If it is only $160, BUY THE HEAVY DUTY! I cant stress that enough. The heavy duty will last much longer and is much better. You could also take the frame and use a new wheel set, so when you want something better, you can get it. That one should stand up to 1-2 foot drops to half, depending on your weight.

Do you understand the different kinds of hubs? Cottered, Cotterless and splined?

yeah if the heavy duty is the one im thinking of it is well worth the moeny for that one…if you dont want mine i can sell it to someone else!.
the pic below is of the two norco unis i have owned in my time. the one on the left is the generic 20"(the one i am currently selling) but mine is red. and the one on the right is the morco m-uni(its more of a trials) and its the heavier duty of the two…it can take a bit more abuse and it a great starter for trials.


norco trials vs generic.JPG