Unsure about unicycle size

I have been a juggler/joggler for numerous years, but now I am starting to become interested in unicycling. I met a juggler/unicycler recently and I feel the need to learn now.

From what I understand, a bigger wheel is better for transportation, while a smaller wheel is better for tricks. I am more interested in a unicycle as a method of transportation, because I do not have a bike in college. I am looking for something inexpensive to begin with, just to see how it goes. Am I best off buying a used unicycle? I found a new one that seems cheap:


but it says the seat can be adjusted between 36" and 40". My inseam size is 30". The person selling it said that the size will be fine… Is that 36"-40" a different measurement, or was I misinformed?

Thank you for your help!

First of all, the unicycle pictured is not a 24" unicycle; it looks like a 20", if that. (The images look funky in other ways–between that and the “FREE STAND $20 VALUE”, I would probably avoid that vendor).

You definitely don’t want a 20" for commuting. You want at least a 24", and if you’re regularly going more than a mile or so, you probably want a 29". Learning on a 24" is common and reasonable; learning on a 29" would be noticeably more difficult. You might do well to find a local unicyclist who will let you borrow a smaller uni to learn on, and then get a 29" or 36".

Used unicycles can be fine, but you’re better off paying more for a used unicycle which was good when it was new, than buying a cheap-ass unicycle, used or new. Look for a decent brand name, like Kris Holm, Nimbus or Torker, or for older ones, Semcycle or Schwinn.

dont buy it

buy a torker lx 24". or borrow any 20" from a local.

thank you for the help. I am looking at torker lx 24", but do they come in different sizes? I’m a relatively small person. None of the pages I see about the unicycle say anything about size.

24" refers to the wheel size. In most cases, the only other difference is in the length of the seat post, which you can cut to your desired length. Any normal-sized adult should be able to fit on a 24" unicycle, or even a 29". We have 5’ tall women who ride 36" unicycles with only minor modification.