Sorry for the shitty quality, but i got new computer so i havent got a editing program yet so i had to use movie maker. Then when i converted the clips to fit for movie maker they become very poor in quality :confused:

but anyway this is some footage from paris and some from home :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment :wink:

I wanna see it but for some reason I can’t watch videos on vimeo right now:(

nice vid!But next time i will see doubel leg around from hope on wheel!!!

Download it then see it :wink:

I loved it, Chris
You caught people and outtakes great, and have a flare for photogenic.
great music and locations
The part I liked least was at 2:23, where the music was intense but the video was not. I’m guessing you just ran out of steam editing.
Just take that clip and midway cut to the hop

thanks to everyone for coments and phthoruth i will keep that in mind :wink:

here you go eli

I liked that video a lot.:stuck_out_tongue: the bail where you got the seat stuck between your feet and fell off the platform was great:D Keep it up

thank you very much :slight_smile: