University of Montana Unicyclists!!

I am starting a unicycling club at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT and if anyone is ever in the area and wants to ride with me or join the club it would be awesome. There are a ton of really awesome trials all over the area. I haven’t run into too many people who as enthusiatic about unicycling as i am. So if you’re interested, email me at:


I’ll be there Saturday but won’t have time to hook up with you. My wife and I are looking for places to retire and Bozeman looks like a great place for this ancient snowboard racer.

Good luck getting a club together. I doubt if I’m up to trials anyhow. Distance riding at a sedate pace is more style.

HEY I just saw this thread. I live in between Butte and Helena. There are a suprisingly large amount of serious riders around here, you just have to get to know them. We are starting a montana club sort of, there are riders in Missoula Butte Helena and Kalispell, untill know I havent heard of any riders in Bozemen, but I figured there would be some.

Eric, (thats your name right) keep in contact, my familys email is

I ride trials mostly, and muni, and street and some freestyle.

Since I have been spnsered by Torker, we have been doing unicycle “demos”, or clinics, around the state. We’ve met a lot of riders this way. In fact, saturday we did one in Missoula, with 9 other riders we met!

You can see some lame looking pics at got to about torker>news.

We would come over to Bozeman as a group and meet/ride with you down there, and do a clinic thing there if you want to help get it going down there.

Oops, too many “theres”.:stuck_out_tongue:

All these pictures are of ‘events’ we’ve done around Montana. We’ve taught a few people to ride and ridden with other riders.

DUDE! i live in whitefish… there is some kid who does trials here, not forrest, and he is damn good, but i dont really know him, and there is some little kid im teaching to muni and me and my bro… thats about it… but if you ever come to whitefish my email is in my sig… and if i go to bozemen, ill try to connect

That sounds awesome ! I’ve been looking to ride with some people. It kinda gets old being the only one who unicycles, i’m sick of the stupid comments and awkward looks. Anyways, Montana is awesome and we should ride sometime. Ins’t whitefish near Missoula?

I’m a fairly new rider (since spring) and a new transplant to Missoula (gotta change the profile, I know) as well. Always up for a get together. My brother in law is here too and I just got him a uni for his birthday, so he’s learniong slowly as well.

Hey, cool. How long have you been in Missoula?

I sent you a PM