UNiVERsE 2 on a big screen (yeah, I know, but this is Africa...)

I attended the Ink On The Rocks Tattoo Convention at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping this past weekend. I went with a friend of mine to help him at his stall selling juggling equipment, fire chains and -staffs, stilts and unicycles. We we situated opposite the Wavehouse area and when I found out that the young lady in the stall next to ours knew the guy who operated the big screen, I just couldn’t help myself.
I asked her to get him to stick in my copy of UNiVERsE 2 (I don’t have DEFECT yet else I would have). As you can see on the accompanying pic, they turned off the ‘standing wave’ for a couple of minutes as it came on (and I took the pic). This was actually pretty kewl as it meant that all the people who were waiting to go on the wave were just standing around and seeing something else (apart from the 20minute skate/surfing loop that had been running on the screen since we got there) on the screen really got their attention.

You have elevated the consciousness of an entire continent. Desmond would be proud.

Wow, thats awsome.

What were peoples reaction to it?

Mostly what I would call ‘Positive Disbelief’.
We didn’t manage to sell a uni but did make some headway with helping another stall-holder come to grips with the basics of riding.