Universe 2 Needs a warning label

Dave, sadistic B*****d that he is, and knowing FULL WELL just how stir crazy I am going waiting for my ankle to get better so I can unicycle again, loaned me his copy of Universe 2. What can I say - this DVD needs a warning label. Not only do I now have a WHOLE bunch of people to hate for no other reason than “How do they DO that?”, I now have a TON of things I want to learn to do. This is NOT a DVD. It is a catalogue of things you will hurt yourself trying until you get it right.

Remember - I am the 34 year old, divorced mother of two who managed to f**k up her ankle falling off a 20 inch unicycle while learning to ride. I now have a whole lot of things to TRY to do, and who knows what damage I can do to myself once I get off the nice flat gym floor.

What bugged me the most about this movie (other than just HOW GOOD those guys are) is the total lack of women doing those amazing stunts. So help me (insert deity of choice here if you so choose) I WILL LEARN to do some of those things if it kills me, and considering my track record for injuries thus far it probably will. Hey - I have life insurance and what a way to go. :wink:

I know Klaas Bill will hate me for this, but once I get the OK from the physio I’m switching to a 20 so I can get up and riding ASAP. If I’m making good progress then I’m getting myself an uber-uni for Christmas and hitting the strangest terrain I can find.

Wish me luck - I’ll probably need it.


You injured your ankle falling from a 20"? You should have stuck with the Coker! For me watching U2 means I continue to do Coker or 29" road riding, rather than risk serious injury on a trials (or other!) 20".

As for my 5 year old, it makes him determined to ride down stairs etc , although I took him off-road on his b**e today and he crashed >5 times when the front wheel slid away on the sand & gravel, maybe Trials might be safer when he learns to ride unaided…

Hope you recover soon


From what I have heard, Universe 2 is mostly trials riding. It is not surprising you didn’t see any women doing those stunts. The fact is, very few women ride trials. There may be a few, but they are rare. On the other hand, a lot of the really good freestyle riders are women, including the first person ever to pass level ten.