unitrial video

hey folks,

last week we captured a small unitrial-video. It’s not very long (about 20 second’s), but’s enough to show that unitrial is in germany a big trendsport :wink: If I get an own camcorder in the future, I’ll try to record more about unicycling and unitrials from here…


have fun.

What Unicycle is he using? looks quite nice

Pretty impressive stuff. That guy might have a bit more success with things if he sharpens up on his still stand.

…the unicycle is custommade. I use the monty rim and the tire for this (2.5). Pics of the frame you can see here.


I like the slight backwards roll at the end of the clip, especially since it did not appear to be planned. Being able to roll forwards or backwards is a great skill.

When my foot heals (stress fracture), I will have to see how hard that is to master.