United Muni upgrade?

I have this United Muni: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=124 (it only cost $179 at the time)

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a Yuni (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=592 ) frame in place of the United frame?

And if that’s possible, would I be able to put a wider tire on the rim that’s on it?

I was just thinking I’d like to have a wider tire than 2.1 inches, but I can’t afford a new Muni right now.


If you were to buy the Yuni frame ($40) , the cheapest 3.0 tire and tube($32) and wheelset listed below, you’ll be out about $227. and I’m not sure what the seat post diameter on the Yuni is, you may have to purchase a seatpost,too. (I can check the size on my Yuni when I get home)
I just went through all of this while contemplating building up a MUni. I finally decided on the Yuni 26" frame with the Gazz and love it.
I would suggest saving for awhile and buying the whole Yuni MUni.


OR measre the width of your frame and you might be able to squeeze this tire in and use your original rim:



I’m not sure, If you have the sun rhino light rim its not the best suited to put a 3" downhill tire on. So if you were looking to do that with the Yuni frame I think you’ll need a new rim with it.

I would try to find a 2.5 or 2.6" knobby tire for your uni, I have a united 24 inch frame with a Monty 20" x2.5 wide" tire. theres not alot of room, but from what I’ve seen the monty is a little wider than most with its square profile. This means that a 24x2.6 might just fit. If you can find a cheap 2.6 tire I would try it out.

The other option is to call Unicycle.com and ask. They know what tires and rims are compatible.


I built a trials muni for my friend for cheap
55 yuni black frame
20 24x3 arrow racing frame
40 DX 32 frame
25 suzue hub
16 marwi spokes
10 nokian 24x 3 tube
20 bike euro cranks

total=about 190

i use my seat and petals so the project is sweet plus i built it myself saving mucho dinero and i built it with a four cross so it is istronger than the usual three cross. the miyata seats fit right in the yuni frame and cyclepro seatpost s fit in also.

pictures will be up soon, i just built it last night and i am in cschool today

I have the sun BFR rim and it’s not really wide like the sun double wide, but I have been happy with the results, once I mated it to a Gazz 3.0. I don’t do big drops more than 1 foot, so It’s held up fine. Up hill is no problem. If I stop and side hop a steep incline, I can get fold over some times, but that might be due to low tire pressure at 15 psi, not the rim.