Unispins on a Giraffe

a search on this issue brought me no joy so i thought i’d ask…

is it possible to do unispins on a giraffe?
how do u prevent yourself from getting so fearfully dizzy that u can’t ride straight?

i started messing about with unispins on the 20 last night and once or twice got that ‘pedalling too fast’ feeling i can remember someone using to desribe the feeling of going into a unispin.
when i tried to ride out of the attempt, i could for the life of me not get the uni to go straight and UPD’d a moment later.

And that was after how many pints? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I’ve done some ballet and spinning’s better after lots (and lots and . . .) of practice. I don’t know if the technique that dancers use (called spotting - starring at a spot and not turning the head until it’s absolutely necessary, and then very fast) would help for Unispinning.

Re: Unispins on a Giraffe

Are you talking spins or uni spins?

Spins are where you turn in a tight circle and make several revolutions in a circle less than 3 feet in diameter. Think Japanese freestyle.

Uni spins are where you jump up, spin the unicycle 180 degrees below you, and then land on the pedals again.

It is possible to do uni spins on a giraffe. I can’t recall if I’ve seen Dustin Kelm do it, but there are two still photos on the Swedish Cycle Act web page showing a giraffe rider in the middle of a uni spin.

Swedish Cycle Act thread

Re: Unispins on a Giraffe

It’s very much possible to do spins on a giraffe…but it’s dangerous and you might get PETA upset with you. If you get your giraffe to dizzy he might have to hurl. Giraffe’s don’t blow chunks very well and it tends to get stuck in their long necks so they choke, tip over and die…quite sad.

Actually, It’s very much possible to do spins on a giraffe…what keeps you from getting dizzy is practice. I also get into a “zone” where I don’t really focus on anything, except how close I am to the edge of the stage.

Work up to the spin, having control is important.
1 First learn to shift 180 and ride backwards.
2 Then a quick 360.
3 After that start riding in a large circle steady and smooth, gradually make the circle smaller and smaller until you are actually riding in a circle less than 3 ft in diameter, then you can stop pedaling and let the momentum carry your spin. When you start to slow down, begin to pedal and ride out of it.

4 Have fun and make sure you have a good clear fall zone.