Unispin or crankflip on a skinny?

I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing/landing either a unispin or crank flip on a tall skinny, like a level rail no more than maybe 3" wide. Doing it on a “round” rail would be mind-blowing! Have either of these been done and if so is there video of it? This would be amazing to watch if done successfully!

Theres a video somewhere of Zach Baldwin doing a 3spin on a railroad track.

I landed a crankflip on a railroad track last Saturday. I was planning to film it and call it the LocomotiveFlip. If you could do it on a skinny higher than four feet, preferably round, you can call it a LocoFlip.

A crankflip on a skinny is not too hard, really. It just takes a bit of commitment and a lot of balls if you’re high up(I haven’t tried it high up yet, but I can imagine). I’m sure a good rider who is good at both crankflips and skinnies(Luke Collalto?) could learn it in half an hour.

Ive only done a 180 onto the railroad track, and crankflips on one. I dont get much time to mess with the tracks, but I know more is possible on them and other rails.

I’m pretty sure he said a high skinny.

I havn’t, but its possible. Might try sometime.

Maybe this should be made into a competition! I’d like to see it!

3" wide is pretty wide.Ill go and film a unispin sometime this week