unispin help... again

ok learning to unispin and something caught my eye. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=167965 the very first trick (180 unispin) is done from seat in. I have never seen this before. As i said i am learning so could any of you shed some personal experiance that could help me learn? also is it easier to learn seat out or seat in start?


p.s i searched for info about unispins but it gave me alot if useless info.

It is easier to learn unispins starting seat out. Once you can do that then its not hard to do them from seat in. Just grab your handle firmly (I hold it kind of sideways) and pivot the uni around. All my 180 unispins and 180/180s in this movie are from seat in. Movie: Spencer and Evan

i have been tryin seat in starts and am about as good at them as i am seat out. I just cant land one i dont know why. I think i dont have the guts, but i am not sure any tips.


It sounds like its just a mental thing. Maybe try it on grass so its less scary?

thats a real good idea i used to do it with skate tricks. I will try that. also where do you have your hands for the unispins. I have a vague idea but no real guide line.


Normally I use a reeder so my hand is all twisted up and its weird (noone else that I know of does it that way). With a kinport handle I hold it kind of sideways so my thumb is on one side and my other fingers on the other(with my palm on top) and that seemed to work. Yesterday I learned rolling unispins just holding the handle normal.

So basically I am saying there are lots of different ways to do it. Just experiment and see which is more comfortable for you.

what helped me is doing it on the grass and just go for it its actually nt scary its just i had trouble being balanced when i landed but got better, also aim for the whole crank arm not the pedals it helps alot(if the arms arent wet)

Totally unrelated, but does everyone elses Uni CREAK like buddy’s does. Should mine make that much noise?

who is buddy and is your uni splined