Unis, unis every where and not a wheel to ride.

his is silly

I own 6.5 unicycles, in our shed at present there are 8.5 unis, but I
still had to scrathch around and re-build to find one I wanted to ride to
the park today. My muni is saddle less untill the Velo KH comes out, my
29er is in Exeter ditto the 20. the coker wasn’t the right size, nor the
mini giraffe. The racing wheel is in the frame it shares with the monty
and I didn’t want to ride the monty as an ultimate. This left my white
tyred 24 as the only option , and that had no seat post attched and a
soft tyre. hurmph.

Still, dispite being on a street tyre with a slightly too low saddle the
ride was fine. If rather slower than the 29er I commute on.


2nd Darmstadt International Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Nov 30th - Dec. 1st 2002