Unis in UK

Ian MacPherson wrote:

> please can someone e-mail me with a UK address/prices/recommendations
> how to buy myself a unicycle to learn on.
[sdg] In the UK, sturdy unis can be bought from DM Engineering in Christchurch
(near poole), if you live within driving distance you can always pop down - I
did. I think a standard 20/24" is around £120, and he’ll post it to you. Anyway,
don’t take my word for it, give him a ring on 01202 471943. Alternatively for a
cheaper model, you can buy a tawainese model for around £80, mail order from
buttefingers (i think), but I’d really recommned spending that little extra,
i’ve trashed one of these tawainese models in 5 minutes and had to spend another
£40 on a new axle & wheel (total cost £120 - and still not as strong as the

happy hunting.


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