uni's for sale

This is not from my normal e-mail address but I found these items and thought
some of you may want to know. I found an auction site that frequently has USED
unicycles and unicycling memorabilia for sale.

I have been keeping it a secret in case I wanted to buy something but since I
disconnected my internet I figured I would share it with everyone since I can’t
use it. I did get a quick opportunity to check it out elsewhere and here what
was there.

The web site is at www.ebay.com

If you do a search on unicycle there are currently 9 items returned (this is as
of 11/5/98 at 4:25pm, CST. There is a 24" Schwinn, a few memorabilia items and
two other items I thought may be of interest to some of you collectors.

  1. There is a SUPER TRICK CYCLE. This may interest some of you since when I
    mentioned the one I found I had a few offers to buy mine. Check out the site.

  2. There is an old strange looking unicycle that looks like it has an old bike
    seat mounted. It looks pieced together but may be of value to some collector

By the way…I am not the seller on any of these items. I just found some
stuff that everyone may be interested in.

Let me know what you think.


Philip Hinkle uniraisin@juno.com