Uniqo let's go

I got a his uniqo multi-functioning bicycle unicycle trying to find out more about it

Can you send a picture? Or at least a discription. I see nothing online with the name you have givin, is it spelled right?







Did you get the pics

Yes i see the pictures but no I’ve not seen this machine before.
it looks like a circus bike.

I’m drawing a blank also all’s I came across was there was one on worth point and it was called Uniqo just go and it was very rare


Just as I suspected a circus bike try googling circus bikes.

I had a homemade circus bike as a teenager, but mine had 26" wheels and no brakes. They’re more of a novelty than anything else. I could rotate it 360 degrees while riding. Wheelies were almost exactly like riding a unicycle. You can also ride with both tires in parallel. They’re easier than a unicycle to coast on, but they get super squirelly really quick as your speed picks up.

Once you’ve done those things though, you realize there’s not much more worth doing on it.

It’s rare because these are not practical modes of transportation, they are difficult to ride. They are used primarily as performance props for trick riding. Also.I’m sure they are not cheap to buy new. Also it has a different look than a traditional circus bike. Check out this in unicycle.com Circus Bike 20 Inch, Hoppley 20 Circus Bike

Just trying to get a ballpark figure on the worth of it

Here are more pics:
Any Idea, what the shifter with the tird cable does? Does it set / adjust the resistance against tilting / swinging the “frame” around the unicycle part? Or Does it set angle limits for the swiniging?

I found two videos of it:

Yeah the shifter releases the the tire to make it a swing bike

Good luck in your hunt for a value. I feel your market is going to be small. That bike definitely has a better look to it than the hopley. The link I shared shows what a hopley goes for new if that helps you. I know in the unicycle world calling something vintage or antique is a kiss of death when trying to sell something. I’m sure there are clown forums that may help in your marketing.
Just a thought If you are feeling generous your local Shriners may take it as a donation for one of their parade teams. They are a wonderful organization that help sick and disabled children as well as providing parade entertainment such as clowns.

I’m gonna look into the Shriners actually good idea

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