UNIPSYCHO: Film Released :)


I decided to start a new thread for this one, because I worked hard on this film, and I think it deserves more than a bump. If you find this irritating then…then…just who are you anyway?

If you can’t watch this fullscreen, or without it skipping, due to a slow connection, I would recommend putting it off until you have a better opportunity. David and Gideon worked very hard on cutting the shots in this documentary, and I am sure that that important aspect would be lost if it were watched with a poor connection. Maybe it would help if you let it load completely before attempting to watch it.

I had the flu for the one football game that was able to be filmed, and then I tore my A/C shoulder joint during the next game and couldn’t continue the season. The only thing I regret about the film may be that there are fewer shots of my playing successfully than perhaps there should be. Maybe that’ll change in an extended cut after Summer, if that cut is ever born.

Enough talk.

Awww you had to put it up now? :frowning:

I’m just heading to bed so i’ll watch it first thing when i get up…

6pm in the states :wink:

I appreciate you telling me that, though.

That was really good!

I can see it being on the vimeo home page :slight_smile:

That was really good.:smiley:

Some parts didn’t really make sence to me and I have several ?'s but I’ll save them untill more have seen the vid (I don’t want to give it away:o)

Bon idee, Lewis.

I am most interested to hear what did not make sense. It was difficult to put together the way we wanted it, that is, from the viewpoint we wanted it, while keeping everything crisp and sensible. Too much time spent on clear explanation would itself not make sense because of the film’s viewpoint. So, that was tricky.

i felt like my life paused when i watched this.

Everything was so interesting. loved it.

Kindest response I’ve heard so far - and I’m not only talking about the forum

That was exceptional. wonderfully thought out and put together. such a sad story though…

Oh wow, that totally blew away my expectations. Truly fantastic bit of film you have there.


This was amazing :slight_smile:

Well i finally got around to watching this and it was mesmerising…Some pretty powerful stuff!!

I liked the well and wish i lived somewhere near there so i could have a dip :slight_smile:

I had to keep asking myself through this film ‘is this real, did this stuff really happen to you?’

Really good man…A*

We worked so hard. It makes me incredibly happy to hear those kinds of responses. It could just as well have been a bust. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. I understand that much of this appears ambiguous.

I suppose i have to ask…How much of this is based on ‘reality’

It’s been bugging me not knowing :roll_eyes:

Loved it, you guys have style. Thank you for sharing it with us friend!