Uniprov, a unicycle improv show

I thought you guys might be interested in my show. It’s called “Uniprov”, and it’s probably just what you think – an improv show, longform with scenework (not games like Who’s Line), but on unicycles. Right now, we have shows at ImprovBoston (in Cambridge) on July 21 and 22nd, and a slot at the Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC on July 28th.

It should be a ridiculous show, but we’re taking the unicycling part seriously. We’re practicing all the time, both during the week and on our weekends. I’ve been a unicyclist for almost 6 years now, but only at a very basic level, so I’ve been teaching myself how to idle, and do bunny hops, and leap mounts, all that jazz. My 3 cohorts are learning how to do it all just for the show. I guess I can’t promise we’ll come off as extremely polished, but we are not using bad unicycling as a joke – we’re trying to be as good as possible.

Here’s our website. I made it as pretentious as I could:

If anyone wants to come to the Del Close Marathon, I suggest buying tickets as soon as possible, because they go! Our Del Close show is only 15 minutes long, and they make you buy a ticket for the whole weekend, so you may want to find other groups to see too. :slight_smile: