uniproshop: A NEW Unicycle Retail Store Now Open!

Hello Everyone,
My unicycle business, uniproshop, is up and running now! Yee-haw! We do have a website, www.uniproshop.com, but there is not much there as of right now but we’re working on building it up over time. We are subleasing part of a BMX store as our storefront and you can find the address on the website. Please call for an appointment in advance or just call or email me with any questions or items you may need.

As of right now we are taking any special orders you may have. We are officially a unicycle.com dealer meaning we can order anything www.unicycle.com sells. This means we will be selling their stuff for the same price as they do, so if you live close by you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping! :slight_smile: We will start out with a very limited inventory and slowly build it up over time. If you need any unicycles, parts or accessories PLEASE contact me and I will get what you need! If you need something right away and can’t wait you can contact me to see if we have it in stock, otherwise I’d probably recommend just buying it from unicycle.com. But if you want to support the LUS (local uni shop) and not in a rush, or know of something you want or need in the future, let me know and I’ll make sure to have it. And of course feel free to spread the good news! Cheers!

Jamey Mossengren

Awesome. I hate waiting for the shipping from UDC, cause im west coast and they are east coast, and that takes forever to get things.

Ill be ordering everything from you guys now, because you are just south of me now. =p

Will you guys have a website similiar to udc where you can order parts to be shipped to you? Because that would be awesome.

Go for it and Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Yes, sooner or later (several months) we will have a website where you can order things directly as well as many other cool features. As of right now you need to either email me or call me with what you want. I’ll tell you the price and order it for you if you want/need it. Cheers! Off to the MOAB MUni Fest! Literally walking out the door…

Hellz yes!!! I LOVE YOU JAMEY!!!

UDC sucks!!

HAve fun at Moab I wish I was going! And wOOt, I’m one of the first to place and order with Jamey’s Uni store!:smiley:

I do a lot of business in your neck of the woods and always wondered if there was a uni shop down there. I’ll be sure to stop in next time I’m in town!


Instead of Moab you might want to attend the Northwest Unicycle Clinic April, 26th in North Bend, WA. It’s only a “short” drive over the mountain, just $15 for registration. I’ll try to post more info on the News page, or let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Hey, this is aweeeeesome! You’re just a medium-length Coker ride away from where I go to school! (UC Irvine) Expect me to stop by! :smiley:

You cali residents are lucky. Huge concentration of riders!

ya they are lucky. i don’t have anyone where i live. the closest known riders are in portland and bend.

In my area there are…let’s see now…NONE! The only riders I know of live at least 25 miles away, and the next closest maybe double that. The two “locals” I used to ride with lost interest and sold their unis! One of them admitted to me that he was just to frustrated that he couldn’t learn unispins so he gave up completely; before he got his own trials (which he sold later) he used mine, and would typically THROW it and scream “FU#K” each time he’d mess up a trick.

Do you know of many muni riders in Orange County? I just ordered a Hunter frame and will be needing to build it out, so I will definitely use you. I hope you do well. Good luck.

Hi Jamey.

sweet that is a 30 minute drive from where i live!!

Yes, I sure do! I ride lots of MUni, as well as my roomate Colin and I know some others as well. We try to do a MUni ride once a week so let me know if you want to join us. Feel free to send me an email and I’ll include you on our “email” group so you know when and where we ride. Congrats on the Hunter frame! Should be awesome. Let me know what you need and I’ll see what I can help you with.

BTW-At MOAB right now and it’s a blast! One more ride on Sunday. Cheers.

uniproshop.com… I need to remember that next time I need to buy some uni stuff.
Glad your shop is up. Let us know when the online catalog is up also.
Do you also buy back anything like uni and tires?

Yes, I will let everyone know when we have a catalog up. At first it’s probably going to be like bedfords where you click on a link and a spreadsheet opens up. Eventually it’ll be more like udc with everything online, including picutres. We might consider buying back things (used uni’s and parts) depending on the item and if we can agree on a fair price. Off to ride for the last day at MOAB! Later.