Unipal 2015: The Nepal Himalayas Unicycle Tour

Announcing…the long awaited Himalayas Unicycle Tour!

Nepal is home to 8 of the worlds 14 mountains over 8000m, so what better place for our next AU/Grasshopper tour than the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal? Be one of the first in the world to ride the Himalayas; marvel at the majestic giants; and whizz around Kathmandu on your unicycle.

Dates: 6 April to 17 April 2015 (with optional 4 day extension to 21 April 2015)

Cost: US $1640 (+US$400 for optional 4 day extension)

Who can come? Open to anyone who can ride off-road on a unicycle. The tour is at altitude and on a mix of 4WD and trekking routes, so expect it to be challenging. Partners/family/friends of unicyclists are welcome to accompany on bikes or on foot

Closes: 31 August 2014. Registrations after this date at discretion of organisers and dependent on accommodation availability

More information on: Adventure Unicyclist


Yah-Hoo timing is pertnear perfect!

I can definitely do the April 6-17 part and maybe the 18-21 part. If I sign up for the shorter tour how much flexibility do I have to extend it after? Say in February when I get my recall letter and I know when I need to be back at work?

I wonder if I can convince my parents to let me do this…

It sounds like a blast.

Have you done the Tour before? The description sounds very detailled and precise. Can’t imagine how difficult these trails are …

I did a similar but slightly shorter route as a trek back in 2002. I did it on my own with a porter to carry my stuff and a guide.

This tour is run by a tour company, so just have to turn up with your unicycle.

Eric- I’ll check about the tour extension. Because we are taking such a large group, we need to block book very early, hence the August cutoff. We are using guesthouses rather than camping this trip, which will be nice. A tour is much harder if you can’t have showers at the end of the day like in Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Thanks Ken. I probably won’t be able to do the extension but if my start date for work next year is later than it was this year I would hate to miss out for no good reason.

About how many miles/km per day do you expect to cover?

The link obtains detailed information about each day including the exact distance.s

Keep in mind that although the distances look short, this is due to the altitude and terrain.

On my last Muni trip (Queen Charlotte Walkway)- we were going only slightly faster than walkers- mainly because we would stop after every corner to take photos and feed our faces. Partners/friends who cannot ride are welcome on the tour as walkers. All our gear will be transported by porters (ie on foot), as we do not have support vehicles like previous tours.

Here is a video of our trip in 2009. This was on the West Bengal side of the Himalayas, with sealed roads, but gives you an idea of what unitouring is like.

Muni tour? Yes!

Muni tour in the Himalayas? Hell yes!

Muni tour in the Himalayas with porters and guest-houses? What, am I dreaming?

(Tell me there will be beer!)

So excited about this. Thanks for putting this together, Ken.

Hi all!
Ken said that the maximum number of riders is 30… That’s wrong!
It’s 28, cause my girlfriend and me have (virtually…) already taken two places…

And, if you want to have more infos…
Being a famous trekking route, I’ve found many video on youtube,
like this:
2 people trekking our same route:

another video of the tour

virtual flyby over the trekking route

and, last but not hte least…
if you are a gps geek (who isn’t?)…
all the coordinates, the route ecc ecc of the Annapurna trekking circuit for Google Earth!


We’re trying to get everyone registered by the end of August. If you are interested in coming, please contact me via Adventure Unicyclist as early as possible.


Hi all,

I’ve had a number of requests to join the tour in the last week, so we’ve decided to keep the tour open for another month.

If you are interested, please email me before mid-November via the Adventure Unicyclist website. We must have registrations before then as we will be paying the tour operator shortly after.

Here are the riders coming to Nepal next year: http://www.adventureunicyclist.com/unipal/unipal-riders/


Only a week before Unipal officially starts. Most of the riders are busy packing and getting ready for the largest ever Himalayan Unicycle Tour.

The riders meet in Kathmandu on 6 April before heading off to the Annapurna region in Nepal. From there we ascend to the Thorung-La pass at 5500m, staying in villages along the way.

We will post an update once we get to Kathmandu. In the meantime, check out our rider profiles. We have 28 unicyclists from 8 different countries coming:

You can also follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428695920716758/


It’s taken a while to get our trip written up and my photos online, but they’re up on the website now.

Here is a link to my Unipal album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adventureunicyclist/sets/72157652530062604

And Nicolas beautiful video:

Our next Unitour destination is yet to be decided, but will take place in 2017…keep an eye on the AU website for an announcement later this year.


Amazing pictures and video! Mark my words, I will be joining you folks in 2017.