Unipacking the European Divide Trail

I did the longest bikepacking route in the world - the 7600 km European Divide Trail - this summer.

And before putting all my gear back, I tought I disassemble my gear in front of the camera. So if you are interested in how I packed my stuff and what I took with me on my over 3 month journey, enjoy the video:

If you interested about more info about my trip, head over to my Instagram account to see the posts I made about my trip (@becky_diebergziege). I also plan to do YouTube videos about the actual journey but this will take time, so stay tuned!


An incredible achievement!! Congratulations!!! :tada:


A very cool trip and an amazing setup, Becky!

Are there any adjustments you might make to the gear list/overall setup for another trip?

When you were distributing the weight on the uni what was the goal for it? More weight on the front? More weight on the back? Or did you attempt to keep it balanced?
The setup looked back heavy, but you also had lighter stuff in the back like clothes, so I wasn’t sure.

Lastly, did you like having the 34L pack, or would you have rather had it all on the uni?

Thank you for making this video! It was very informative.



I don’t think I will do major changes for the next trip. Probably only small ones like taking less clothes depending on the weather/climate.

For the weight distribution. I took no effort in balancing it. Also the balance changed, depending how much food and water was in the bags. It is possible to ride a back heavy unicycle without any counter balance in front (i have done it on previous trips). But are more balanced one is a bit more comfortable to ride.

The backpack is nice to have. I like to have my valuables (Kamera, Money, Documents) always on me. And its nice to have all the stuff you need for the day easily accessible and not having to take apart the uni for 10 minutes in search of the rain jacket. But on the other hand a backpack is not very comfortable when it comes to road riding. On trails on the other hand you want a unicycle thats not that heavy, so taking some stuff on your back totally makes sense.

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I was guest in a podcast. Enjoy!


I’d be the first to take my hat off at this accomplishment. It’s so great to see such tremendous unicycle adventures taking place. Truly it is - and that’s genuine admiration!

Sadly, I rarely feel the need to bother to correct a likely petty point in the grand scheme of things… but there was a mischaracterisation of a small point which I needs must correct (as I was saddened to hear it in the podcast).

It’s been a team effort in gear-testing the new hubs since they launched. The unicycle forums have helped many, myself included. But the BrakeStuff rotor project was actually started and directly enabled by my sending my rotor to the company in Germany to take design measurements from and produce two test rotors. One for me and one for you. I don’t care for any named credit - but my jaw dropped when it sounded as though this was magically all solved by the podcast guest herself. It wasn’t.

And many of the issues around the hub have been supported on by other owners and riders along side this epic adventure.

I do find it funny how personally one small blind spot in commentary to my mind lessens the wider awe one might actually have.

I’d hasten to say ‘ego’ can trip up a unicyclist as much as a root or rock.

I look out for both obstacles on my path.

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Congratulations on your journey and the podcast. I can just see the wheels turning in the minds of a lot of our forum contributers dreaming of such a journey.

The podcast is excellent, I have listened to it over 2 workout sessions, it really kept me motivated.

Best of luck on your future adventures, I can’t wait to see the videos.