Unipacking Parenzana

has anyone ever ridden the Parenzana trail?
It is a 123km rail-trail from Trieste - Poreč with lots of small bridges and tunnels, nice landscape, beautiful old villages, forest and mostly good weather.
I think I was the first person riding this trail on a unicycle in 2019 and thought it would be cool to ride it with a small group.

If you know someone who was also unicycling this trail, please tell me so that I can stop bragging around :wink:
If you are motivated to come with me this year, please tell me so we can arrange a date :slight_smile:

I have not been to this region. Is there a description of this track? It would be interesting to get acquainted.

@JSom it starts in Trieste, the end point of the Maritime Silk Road(!), then follows the Slovenian coast and ascends to about 100masl right after the Croatian border. the night could be spent right after Grožnjan (today known as “Town of artists”), after which the path descends steadily till Motovun (also interesting), but ascends again till about 300masl (Vizinada) from where it’s a ride through vineyards until Poreč.
From there we could ride back to Trieste along the Istrian coast.


It would be great!!! I live 200km far from Trieste. But my small daughter is born yesterday so I do not think I can ride away this summer without other children. But I’m gonna ask for sure to my friends

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Bei mir sind’s 208km :slight_smile:

liebe Grüße an die Tochter und Gratulation an dich

Hallo Bernhard, klingt sehr cool. Würde den Trail auch gerne fahren. Bin jedoch noch nicht so fit am 36er und benötige sicher mehrere Etappen.

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I’m from Treviso, Italy.

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Thanks for the answer and for the links. Very interesting area. I will definitely read it. I was already interested in this road as a potential travel route. Let the situation stabilize only with COVID.

I would be interested. But not this year. It’s in Croatia, right?
Looks like a tough trail.

it starts in Trieste, then follows the Slovenian coast and ascends to about 100masl right after the Croatian border. - So, yes, a good part of it is in Croatia.
There’s asphalt in Slovenia and gravel in Croatia. It was a smooth ride on the KH36. Since it is a rail-trail, the steepness is quite manageable.
As I rode it two years ago, the toughest was the heat and some guardian dogs.

I would love to test the setup out there. Shame out of state travel is still a bit of heart attack let alone out of country. 2022 might have to be the year I find myself in Croatia.

Hello, anybody planning unipacking this year? I am planning to go for some longer rides over summer or autumn and am looking for potential fellow riders. Let me know if sbdy interested!

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I’ve got some trips I’m planning on Canada if you’re in the area :slight_smile:

i wanna do the Alpe Adria Radweg this year

what are your plans?

Uh, Canada maybe another year. Currently I am rather looking for something in Europe. But maybe next year?

Alpe Adria sounds nice! Something around August/September?