UniNoob here

Sorry I didn’t see a newb welcome section so I posted here.

Getting my first Uni tonight after work, It was given to me by my old gym coach.
I am an avid sportbike stunter, mountain and roadbiker and have been into riding on one wheel, front or back since I was a little kid.

I have always been fascinated with unis and recently rode a Fixie and found I could now do wheelies backwards too :astonished:

Ill let you know how it goes tonight and will post vids of my progress (or failure) soon.

Seems like a nice forum and look forward to learning here.


Welcome. We will look forward to hearing of your progress

Wow, 30 min of balance practice and Im hot as heck!
The seat wont go high enough for me, Im 6 ft tall but it’ll do for now.
I think I need to get some better underwear, my junk is deff getting in the way!
Well, back to it TTYL

Welcome to the forums! Can’t wait to see your progress :smiley:

Junk upfront. Weight on the seat as much as you can, wave your arms like a mad man if you have to, and try again and again and again and again and again…

Welcome. Youll get it in time.

Thanks, what would be a good Uni to start with for a reasonable price?
Like I said this ones seatpost is too short and wont allow me to get it high enough to extend my legs. Ill use it for now but want to upgrade soon.

I made it a good 2 or 3 rotations tonight, but Ill post some vid when I can get outside, Ive just been going back and forth 1 crank at a time while pushing a chair around.

A lot of people swear by the Torker LX as a great starter unicycle. Personally I would just put a longer seatpost on whatever you have right now (and maybe get a better seat) then save up for a good unicycle once you decide on a style that you would like to pursue.

Getting a good seat now is well worth it as you can easily move it to a new unicycle when you upgrade and makes sitting on a unicycle much more pleasant. I would suggest a Kris Holm Fusion Freeride Saddle, I know it costs nearly half the price of a new starter uni but a crappy uni with a nice seat is much nicer to use than a decent uni with a crap seat.

Welcome to the community, It is a great bunch here in internet land.

This Uni is a loaner from a friend of my moms who cant ride, 20" wheel,

Im not shy so heres a vid of tonight day 1, never tried one before. I had a few better runs and I was pooped by the time i put my cam on. Enjoy! LOL

More to come, I promise. I will get this!

If it says Unavailable just click the link on top to go right to Youtube


That depends on what you’re thinking of doing next. As soon as i could ride 200 yards I was trying to go off-road and guessing from what little you’ve said about your other interestes and height, I suggest a 24" MUni. here would be a good place to start window shopping!

That looks like a a great uni. I was thinking a 24 too since it would make it roll over small bumps and sticks easier.

What is the the standard seatpost diameter on most?

No comments on my vid??? LOL

Cheaper unicycles use a 22mm seat post, heavier duty will use a 25.4mm (Torker & Nimbus) and 27.2 for KH Uni’s.

By the look of your video you will be riding in very short order.

<Thanks for the encouragement,

I put in (5) good 5-10 min sessions last night but the vid wasnt much to look at so Ill post vid of day 3 which will be tonight. (and maybe some outtakes from day 2 LOL)

It is a great feeling to turn a few cranks and stop and go back again :astonished:

Haven’t touched a 2 wheeled machine since I got the UNI.

Congrats on finding something relatively healthy to become addicted to. The 22.2mm Seatposts come in long sizes- you might want 400mm or 500mm. You want your leg to be nearly straight at the bottom of the pedal stroke, in order not to be forced to hunch over and crouch your legs. Good luck in your learning. You should get a video of those backwards wheelies!