UniNats is over.

Talk about it.

I had a really good time. It was cool to meet all the people I’d spoken to online.

The trials course was rad as, thanks to Dan.

Here’s a vid of Ed Bells freestyle routine. He came 3rd.


was wondering when someone would post this. id like to know what all of you got up to!

Lol, I dont get it… Did he fall or what? :thinking:

His talent was so big he triped over it. Skill


I’m so great.

That was the whole routine, I didn’t fall or anything.

And for the record, I say something along the lines of

I’m a little strapped for cash right now, so I couldn’t afford an actual song. So I’d like you all to be completely silent and listen to the sound… of talent

UniNats was awesome.


I had a sick wicked time…All the Aussie guys were real cool and the riding was sweet and there should be some interesting videos of luke up soon :wink:

Team H dominated the high jump :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks to all the Aussi guys, had an awesome time. Dan, alex, luke, all you gc’s :smiley: I hear that Dan did an awesome job in the trials comp too, what a legend!
I really wanna ride with all you guys again, some awesome videos to come i bet :smiley:

Are you Pete, the awesome high jumper?

Anyway UniNats was grouse. I had so much fun. If only Tom (tobboginist) could say the same… Oh well.

Best part of UniNats was seeing Luke’s, Alex’s, Dan’s and all the NZ rider’s sick skillz IRL.

When is the next unicycling competition in Australia/New Zealand?

The NZ uni weekend is this month, October the 19th to the 22nd in New Plymouth. It is a bit more low key than the Australian uninats but there is heaps of fun to be had.

what happened to tom?

If only I had money/a MUni.

Our flight was delayed so my mum and I have credit for our next flight which will be for the Big Day Out. Rage Against The Machine will be there so I’m def going.

People were mean to him, I’ll let him explain, if he wants to. He was one the same flight as me because we got delayed.


Were you there, mr_charm? If so who were you?

Damn, I wish I was there.

no i wasnt unfortunately, but i did catch up with tom when he was in melb. hes a good bloke! im dissapointed in everyone who gave him a hard time!

id have gone but there was no steet section. if team H needs a brisbane rep let me know:D

Yes there was and Luke won.

And Team H came third :smiley:

Can you post some pics of your uni, that frame looks mad.

Not Mean as such, i just had a few remarks about having a KH and not being able to do much… I found it easier to just ride where i wanted to in Sydney for the morning, then hit up the beach in the afternoon.

The first day of Uninats was great :slight_smile: heaps of awsome riders, i think you (reef) surprised quite a few people, Myself aswell.

But if anyone is up for a ride anywhere in Australia hit me with a PM. i am in queensland at the moment, just near Beerwah. Next point of call is homehill then to townsville to see reef. Where ever you are i wil come visit.
I should be in the west come december so anywhere is cool, i will get there eventually.

and a big hug to Ed for such a freestyle spectacular and Kevin who needs a shoot in the leg. Luke i need your tyre to float around the pool with.


Who were these people who were having a pop at you!!??
Name names!
No one has a dig at a member of the MRIS and gets away with it!