uniing vid of... ME!!

hey everyone. heres a 9 second video of some stuff i did about a month ago. this is the style i’ll be riding in my video (Monkeylamp) that will be coming out by the end of next summer. this filming session was basically just to break in my new unicycle though… im hoping that what i have in there wont be good enough to put in the video. its a very small picture, but it’s good enough to see what im doing. tell me what you think of it!! and give me any tips on my technique please! thanks, Kevin

oops, forgot the link :slight_smile:

there we go… got it. sorry bout that, Kevin

Sick moves mann! Keep it goin.

That’s amazing!!! What’s the biggest drop you’ve done? I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the video. Thanks a lot for posting that.


Re: uniing vid of… ME!!

Those drops are quite impressive! You must go through a lot of parts
though. :wink:



that drop thats like 5 and a half feet is my biggest so far… i didnt trust my other uni enough to try any big ones. but good to hear that you guys like it. keep the comments coming!

Most impressive!

Those are some cool drops, but no hops?!? How high can you hop? I liked the last one, drop to ride, and immediate other drop, as well as the gap over the parking barrier thing. Cool


Nice drops! I agree, the hop over the barrier thing was cool.


Have you got any more?


hey guys. ive got a 3 minute video right now, but most of it is just small stuff. as you can see it was pretty snowy a month ago and its even worse now, so i cant ride much. as for hops - i was trying one thing where i had to hop about a foot and a half onto something, then gap over a garden and then drop about 3 and a half feet. it was freezing that day so i couldnt get it. and no cocky skaters were there to make me mad and pump me up.

what my goal for mankeylamp is is to indroduce a style that does pretty much what i did in that video, except with tricks and such while im doing it. you know, 360 no foot wheel grabs (im being optimistic) well maybe i can get those with some practice, but you get what im saying. if you guys can be patient, then i will have a trailer for monkeylamp probably half way through the summer and then it will come out at the end of the summer.

so if the stuff in monkeylamp is gonna be as good and better as what was in that short video, how many of you would buy it?


Buy it…

Yer, sure, probably. Looks kool!

Will u be keeping the same music? :roll_eyes:


i’d buy it almost certainly. its nice to see videos of unicyclists closer to most peoples standard. it means theres tricks people might have a chance of doing. cos when i watch stuff like universe i’m like, why do i bother, i’m crap.
if it has a good soundtrack as well then the video would be a big success.:slight_smile:

um… as for a soundtrack, i havent contacted any bands yet. whats on the short video there i believe are sections of “my life story” by MXPX, “bouncing off the walls” by Sugarcult, and “Boom” by POD. i have no idea what will be on the actual video, but probably a pretty good assortment of styles. some punk, ska, some alternative, rock, probably a classical of some sort. im gonna try to get in anything i can so people will buy monkeylamp. i asked in a previous thread what pople wanted to hear and i got ska, and people saying a bit of everything.

so i’ll do my best to make this video for you guys, see ya, Kevin

make sure u include a funny section of bails as well. that always go’s down a treat. (thats if u ever fall off). just out of interest. myself and sherman are amking a video in the summer. are you havng different sections for different riders? or are there gonna be differnt sections for different places?

i will of course include a bails section! i already wrecked my balls once trying to hop that six set i landed, and a lot of slip outs on stuff. um… well as for the format, we were thinking sections for riders much like the preferred skateboasrding style of video, but then we realized that im the only good one in it right now. the others are half decent, but can only pull off about 4 foot drops and nothing especially exciting. so we took that one out, and considered places, and we are still thinking possibly that depending on where we go.

what im thinking right now is going with seasons. i could go out again to get some more winter footage, and then we would have some spring footage and some summer. you would be able to see our progress as we go, so i think that might be cool.

im sitll not sure how its gonna look when imdone, but we’ll see.

if anyone has ideas, just tell me. thanks, kevin

I sent that to my friend, whom happens to be a big skater, and he was totally blown away!
Sweet vid man


yeah this vid is supposed to appeal to the skaters too cause im one myself. im hoping that some of them will join because of it. its good to hear that he liked it! anything specific you guys would like to see, or what skaters might like to see? thanks, Kevin

I’d like to see some narrow rails on the video with drops at the end of them. Once again, nice work on the video.