Uniing in Australia

Just a shortish video of me and my cousin on a trip to Australia.
…With toad racing :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not very creative filming though cause I ran short of time…

Toad racing, lmao hilarious.

Totally awesome flat ma’man

Sweet! Nice Flatland. Liked 540’s.

wow check out that seal that blocked ur veiw. certainly got my attention :wink:

Ty’s for comments…

Hah yeah, she scratches her butt when she walks out of the camera. Busted.

Cool stuff, dude. You’re getting pretty good at flat. You’ve got some pretty nice looking 5spins too. Keep it up.

Maybe you should try to learn how to scuff. It’s like a long backroll kinda with one foot on the frame. Looks great in most combos :slight_smile:

Maybe learn sideways ww first

sweet skills mr safey :slight_smile: loving the 540’s. and inwards small side. flat skills are getting sick!

Can do, I discovered last weekend lol :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah I was thinking of trying to learn them… Seem tricky, but they do look awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

And ty doamono xD