i can not unihop nomatter how hard i try ive been working constently for over 3 month and body have some hints or tuturials

You will get ALOT more replies if you you take time in your spelling. My spelling isnt great but still…


Is a unihop like a bunny-hop? Or is it more like a unispin without the spin? :thinking:

Its a regular hop.

Practice, practice, practice. Nothing will help you more than hopping untill you drop, then doing it more. You will have to develop your own tecnique, it just takes time. The more you do it, the better it gets.

Rolling : pull on the seat and kick the legs foward

Sif: Pull on the seat and tuck

Have an obstacle to hop over. This will motivate you to do it. If it’s a static hop, raise your hand high in the air (I don’t know why, but it works). If it’s a rolling hop, pull up on seat, and click your feet upwards at the same time.

Always have an obstacle!!!

yeah i agree w/ Tim how high i can jump is directly proportional to how high the object that i want to jump over is :thinking: