unihoki - Mondo 2006

some hockey footage i put together…

Cool Vid! I used to play Ice hockey and I still play roller hockey for fun sometimes and I’ve always wanted to try this. Not enough people around to do it with though. :frowning:

i found hockey to be, by far, the best team sport to play on unicycles, and it’s also nice to include novice riders, as they can lean on the sticks while they play

Cool video, Brian. I played hockey at UniNats and it was really fun.

ps, there’s no glidecam in there, just me riding with my camera/tripod :slight_smile:

very cool

Before I started to uni I used to inline skate and play hockey w/ myself a bunch. I would go to a local school and pracice hitting the puck/ball at the exact part of the “handball” wall I wanted. I also imagined there were cones where various lines met each other on the blacktop and tried to manuver between/around them quickly.