Unigrind ?

Hello, im new member in this page. I bought my uni /luxus/ 2 months ago and i want to try *unigrind soon. Anyway, my question is, that if i do that, i should use only pedal for sliding or crank and pedal both ? :thinking: And second question.I have luxus uni/ its for beginners, but i think i should continue riding and learn many new tricks. I just want to now, how strong luxus uni rim is. If i jump on stairs and stuff like that, is it necessary to buy muni/trial bike. The problem is, that i dont have so much money to buy bike like that. It would be perfect if somebody in Estonia or Finland/Helsinki/ sells muni or trialbike. :roll_eyes:

welcome 2 the forums Gearbox!

anyway,a luxux uni might be strong enough for some mild drops, but u might want 2 get a torker uni. their cheap and durable just go unicycle.com and for grinding…i’d use my pedal. it makes your life esaier in the long run, but some people use the cranks 2.

When you start learning tricks/bigger hops, drops and stuff…you will want a better uni…depending on your amount of money you could spend, you might go for a torker(a nice cheap trials uni) all the way to a KH(Kris Holm) trials unicycle which is a top of the line but an expensive one. Because at some point, your unicycle is going to break if you continue to do bigger tricks but for right now its fine.


P.S. Welcome to the forums, there are alot of nice people here.

I dont want to create so many threads so i ask here again/ im not very experienced writing in forums/. Its so hard to me to jump ahead, i prefer jumping broadside on. Is it my individuality or jumping ahead IS just harder to do ? :thinking: For now, im working on my uniflip. Its really hard to do, because of my reflex. I call it myself-Littlebuddyreflex-. :smiley: . How long did you take to do that ? :frowning:

a unigrind? wht? lol.
you mean grindin lol.

grindplate, search grindplate, you’ll find what you need.