Unigirls III

After several month we could finaly present Unigirls III
Many thanks to Jim for beeing a part of that project and doing the great editing.


Very nice girls, good job! Whats up Amanda, why was there so little of you in this one?

too cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Im downloading it now, looking forward to watching it…

Ankle injury? Still, it’s great to see Amanda, even if it’s a little bit.

Great video! All the girls were great, my two favourites are Amanda and little Olaf’s daughter. Those girls have mad skillz!

a+ riding and impressive production skills.

Ah, I’m sorry to hear that. Theres always number four I suppose.

That was pretty darn excellent, eh? Nice riding all, and it looked like a heck of a lot of fun. I dug it!

I’m gonna download this one.

grr, i keep trying to download it and it stops every time at the bit where that girls riding backwards with her feet under the pedals. which is outrageously difficult. so props to her.

I have seen Darja a few times in Cologne and I always get the feeling that this girl can never fall off the unicycle. It is really great!

great video! There were several skinnies that were amazing.
good editting, except a few shots that were too dark to see. Use a brighten filter?
filming by David eh

Thank you for all posts . it was a lot of fun!

I cried a little bit inside. When these gals put me to shame. Nice video. I liked the trials that include sinking docks.

Wow! I didnt know you guys were that good! GO UNIGIRLS!:smiley:

Same! Really annoying, cause so far the video is great.

Nice Rolling!

Really enjoyed the video. Unigirls rule the wheel! So many impressive skills. Great job!

Well done ladies

It was also nice to be able to watch a nice clear streamed video. Really good quality.

Jim did some great editing as usual, you can tell its got a bit of his personal flair to it.

many thanks for all that comments, we ask Jim to edit it to get his feeling in it and it works great. He don’t know nothing about the footage he will get when he agree to edit the video and he never do a video before with mixed footage from several camera men. So once more thanks for beeing a part of that Project !

Those that have trouble with the download should maybe use a download manager to solve the Problem. There are plenty to find in the internet like that
Fore most people the download works fine but at files over 100 MB it can happen that the download stocks. With the downloadmanager you can resume where it stops and so you should be able complete the file fast.

For sure we would like to have a mirror server on several Continents to omprove the service but up for now we have only ony and for most people it works fine.

Great video! I really liked the quality, the filming and the editing. It fit perfectly with the great riding!