UniGeezer:"Riding the Volcano"

A nice place to visit…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! The lift looked like half the fun! If I had trails like this I would probably only ride muni!

Looks like a bad spill. You’re lucky you didn’t really damage yourself on the shoulder mate.

Great vid again Tel, keep on ridin!

well at least after the ride up you wouldn’t need to stop to use a tree on the ride down. nice vid. i gotta come down to cali one of these days.

I remember you said you didn’t fly, I guess that had something to do with why you were so uncomfortable on the lift…

Nice Tunes, :wink: and nice video… I told you to be careful …

Nice video! I’m gonna have to stop by California one day and Muni.

classic Terry! especially the ride up in the gondola, the shoes tribute - too funny! :smiley:

Haha, awesome vid terry.

When I suggested the shoes skit, I really didn’t think you would do it! I guess I was proven wrong though!

Riding was great. Sorry about that bail, I felt that one for you, but whenever I bail I just think of how gnarly it makes a clip for a vid.

Good job on this one.

Thanks. Haha yeah, I’ll never go on a ski lift again! I thought I could handle it, but I was way wrong!:o

Btw I’m about to order THIS! …or This.

Does anybody have one of these, or ever think about getting one for the more extreme riding?

Great video again terry. If you start wearing the armor you’ll have to change your name to Muni-bot . Or Robo-uni. (obviously I need to get back to work!)

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: Maybe “Iron man” lol!

iron man.jpg

Kind of looks like my forward pads. Just remember they will only protect against cuts and scrapes, you will still get broken bones from the same fall with or without them.

That was fun and painful. Your a monster.
Hey, do you ride your MUni tire soft or fairly firm psi wise?
Experimenting on my end .

Haha true, but I retired that a Hwhile ago!:stuck_out_tongue:

UniMonster yeah! I have enough psi so the tire won’t fold, bottom out or pinch flat on biggish drops. If I have too much psi, it makes it harder to easily tractor over stuff, and hopping is harder as you won’t have enough compression.I pretty much go by feel rather than a specific psi.:slight_smile:

That is the answer I wanted/needed… I get home late Sunday night or Monday and can’t wait ti hit the trail again… gotta get going and going. Gaah.

I bet if I’d been wearing shoulder pads like that (hard shell not just foam, it would have protected my shoulder or at least minimized the injury quite a bit. :slight_smile:

Haha, I’m not sure I get that one…unless you meant I pee’d my pants from being scared…which I was…but I think those wet spots were from sweating…wait, sweat doesn’t smell like pee! lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Nice :slight_smile:

I guess you don’t ski much. The most scarry two lifts I’ve ever been on were both at Squaw Valley. On Siberian Express there is a spot where you are at least 100 ft up. While riding the tram (much less scarry than a lift for the same height) there is a spot where you are at or near 1,000 ft up and then you go over a jagged cliff, in the winter, sometimes they have to shouvel some of the snow off the cliff so it can pass.

WooT! Yeah!

Next Sunday: Mt. Baldy chair lift up, MUni down!!!
I only wish I’d known about this before I went to Mammoth!

Mammoth: 350 miles.

Mt Baldy: 59 miles. :smiley:


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