UniGeezer on "Ocean Force"

Fake! I’d have said, since you obviously edited that, and thats what ankle biters would say.
I’m of late a hulu.com fan, and went looking for your Ocean Force episode. Do you know the name? (or link)

Although I don’t see you in any of the episodes hulu has posted, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and say congrats for being on the unicycle at the right time. And doing the peace sign.
You’re officially, semi famous

It’s been broadcast now I think at least 10 times in repeats of that particular episode. I still get people telling me that they saw it, after a year of it being first shown on TV. It was originally on “Court TV”, and the show was first called “Beach Patrol”, then that was changed and became "Tru TV " and the show was renamed “Ocean Force”.

It may even be called something else now, I’m not sure. I think this thread was actullay revived because someone saw this episode very recently and posted a comment. So yeah, it’s definitley a real show haha, I just edited iut all the other stuff since it was a 30 minute episode. I was only in it for a couple seconds. :o