UniGeezer on "Ocean Force"

Well, don’t blink! Haha I was on this show now called “Ocean Force” on TRU TV, formerly Court TV and “Beach Patrol”. It’s just a quick shot of me riding my 36er, but what the heck, it’s something!:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, did they slow it down or was that you?

oh thats awesome… your such a rebel Terry keep it up

That is a fantastic clip!!!

Yeah I added the slo-mo repeat. I felt I should since if you blinked or looked away even for a second you’d miss it lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha pretty cool. That will puzzle some people, they will just be like what the hell was that guy riding a unicycle. I dont know it is was long enough for most people to register, most people have to look twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yeah that’s why I added the slo-mo repeat.:smiley:

Terry, here is my response to that :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha cool. Was that the only footage at :39? That was even shorter than my clip, which was short lol! Do you have any better quality? I see that you just videotaped it directly off your TV, which is why it has the lines running through it.

Well umm…yeh that’s all they showed lol.

I know my granny taped it, so when I can get that put onto dvd and then my comp, ill probly reupload it.

ZOMG tru.tv is like the only channel i get so i actuelly saw that but i didnt think it was you thats amazing

nice job:):slight_smile: i just watched "what goes up… " and u r correct FAMILY GUY DOES RULE!!!

Haha I didn’t either! Too bad they edited the part where I did a 12 foot drop!:wink:

Hey Terry,
They showed your episode of Ocean Force last night. We just happened to be watching it when I saw your little 2 seconds of fame. I immediately jumped up and shouted “I KNOW THAT GUY! That’s MuniAddict!” which of course made me sound like a dork (internet handles are best left on the internet).

Later I had to admit that I didn’t actually KNOW know you, but I recognized you and showed my wife your website. Very cool. I’m glad you weren’t on that show for peeing in public or getting some bogus no-unicycling ticket. Good job.

Haha cool yeah I think it’s been rerun a few times now. It goes by pretty fast as you mentioned, so it’s easy to miss it, lol. :slight_smile:

There for the party?:stuck_out_tongue:

Talking about past vids - last November I was on youtube when by chance I came across a vid called, ‘Coker Cam Jam thank you mamm!’


I didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever about unicycles and I was amazed to see this guy riding such a cool machine of the sort I didn’t know existed. I replayed it several times in amazement and knew I had to get one of those big unicycles. After some web research I discovered several other videos and learnt what a 36er was…

Within the week I had ordered a learner unicycle and videoed my progress to learn. I had an ultimate goal and about 10 weeks after seeing that first video by some ‘unigeezer’ guy my 36er arrived today.

So you’re responsible for this mess I got myself into Terry :slight_smile: The best possible mess I could think of getting myself into. From now on its onward and upward :smiley:

Thanks for that :sunglasses:

Haha thanks Geoff. THIS and now many other of my older vids are systematically being “Muted” by Youtube for Music copyright issues. For me and many others, it used to be they would “allow” any of my “claimed” videos with the music to remain live and viewable by all, and so it was a “win-win” deal. So now I either have to leave the ones-they are now muting-with no audio, re-save it and upload it again with “allowable” music, or use the YT “Audo swap”. I did the latter but the problem is, it also cuts out ALL the original audio, including any commentary, comedy bits, etc. :frowning:

There are LOTS of youtubers not very happy about this new development!, including me! Well worth it to have a look. :angry:


This sucks. Yeah I picked up on the missing commentary to ‘Cam Jam’ and the missing humour as well as the ‘Big wheels keep on turning’ soundtrack that gave it a great edge. I guess you could get into playing your own honky-tonk piano accompaniments :wink:

This copyright music thing is killing alot of my videos too, and I think we should resist giving in.
Music is an important element to videos. We can make video, but we can’t make good music… thats what musicians are for.
I’m willing to buy music to put in my videos.
We’re not trying to sell the music. Or the video.
I think it falls under fair use.

Its not the circumstance I wanted to mention it, but I now work at google, and will do what I can from within to sort this out. We really do try to “do no evil”